Instagram May Lead You to Depression

After Facebook, Instagram has now become very popular these days. Instagram is a social platform from which you can share photos and videos stories. Almost everyone has an Instagram account, and they would know how it effects. These news feed may lead you to anxiety and depression.

According to Studies

We have various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube through which we communicate with masses and share our stories. Despite these platforms, Instagram seems to have a bad impact on a young generation. According to research, ok UK study people following Instagram have the effects of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and complex, especially in the young generation. Despite this, we can take it positively as well as grooming and self-motivation.

A study in 2016 showed the results of this social networking path is a cause of mental illness these days.

How Instagram Affects?

Instagram have both negative and positive effects on emotions. If we first talk about positive effects, when you share your story or news feed and get the amazing response from friends and family leads you to joy and makes you feel happy. Instagram is a platform where you can get in touch with your loved ones on a regular basis. You can see your family pictures if you live far away and check out their activities which makes you more connected to your family and friends.

Despite the positive factors if we talk about negative aspects then there is a chance of not getting your desired response on your photos and videos which probably makes you feel sad. When you see your friends hanging out without you having parties and dinners could make you feel alone and depress, this thing makes you feel jealous of others life stories too. If your life has been messed up and exhaust and you see people enjoying their lives could make you jealous of them which leaves a bad impact on your behaviors.

By following the several warning could tell you whether you are suffering from depression due to Instagram or not.

  • If you are posting negative and angry stuff to your news feed, then you are probably in the depression due to Instagram
  • Check out that are you following only close family members and friends, then you might be in that depression of comparison, and if you are following mostly strangers, then you might have close friends.
  • According to research people who spend two hours or more than this on social media have more chances of feeling being alone, and it leaves a depression in them. Instead of people who only spend half an hour comparatively have less bad effects on their behaviors.
  • Your health is the most important thing for you in the world and if you are suffering from any kind of depression then do consult a doctor and deactivate your account. However, your health is more concerned than social networking. Try to take things in a positive way as social media could make you more groomed and self-confident.